The Work of Wonder

The Work of Wonder

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Liner Notes: 

I'd really like to work at this song and make it better. I worked for a while on the music and the lyrics kinda came out, but this is one of those songs I'd like to edit. I think I'm getting at something worth exploring here.


I remember when
we didn't have to wonder
Everything was going fine.

Now I put it on my shoulders.
Trying to stop time.

When did wonder become a chore?
Is this what it means to be mature?

Keep a locket in the glass
so you don't forget
your innocence.

Don't ignore her.
Don't ignore the wonder.
We can raise the glass.
You don't have to stay
not always.

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I really like the mood and vibe you've created with the music here a lot. Really cool and not at all what I was expecting!

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I really love the poetry of your words and the wonderful soundscape that you deliver them in. It is a listening experience that draws me in and holds me entranced.

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This has an ethereal feel. I like the way you drop the music out and then bring it back in. My fave line is: When did wonder become a chore. A wonderful question. With this I would encourage you to carry on exploring.

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i really like this ! so haunting and interesting to listen to! great skirmish!

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The ambient airy quality is captivating, and the out-front asian-like melodic line that comes in is cool (was trying to figure out what instrument was being represented - is it an old tack piano?). A beautifully flowing sound overall, good skirmishing!

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This is quite wonderful - Haunting music and the lyric filled with much truth and beauty

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There's a mysteriousness to this music and the way the lyric is delivered. It makes me wonder! You create a whole atmosphere here. Cool skirmish!

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So gorgeous and atmospheric - loving all the different layers. Great great work!

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That opening has a wonderfully spooky ambience to it; the treatment and the glorious delay really introduce an ambiguity as to what's making the sound - perfect for the season and absolutely spot-on for the lyrics, like a Victorian ghost story set to music. Henry James or M. R. James? Both, probably. Definitely worth exploring this one further.