Tied Beatrices

Tied Beatrices

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Liner Notes: 

@elesimo: I received Tape 3 by the end of 50/90, in between was moving to a new house and switching jobs, so it took me a while to finish it. The tape sounded great with just the 3 parts that I received:

Track 1: drum machine / click
Track 2: @standup singing
Track 3: @nancyrost cheezy keyboard
Track 4: @pfoo VST Mellotron cello

I decided to add guitar to track 1 (the click bleeds a little bit to the vocals, so you can still hear it in the song). I loved how it turned out, and there's a nice interplay between the guitar and Nancy's keyboard that I really like.

I had a few problems while working on my track. The first one was that I couldn't figure out the original pitch. I was able to adjust the speed to get the song in the scale of A major, but I'm not sure if that's the original speed. One thing I thought that we could do for FAWM is to record a 440 Hz pitch in the beginning of the click track, so that people can tune their 4-tracks across each other.

The other thing I had some trouble with was transcribing Erick's vocals, since I'm not a native English speaker. On the second stanza I could swear he is singing "tied Beatrices", but my American girlfriend said it's probably "tied to traces". I wrote down the lyrics following her recommendation, but decided to title the song "Tied Beatrices". Smile


Who ever thought they were funny?
Who ever thought they were cute?
Clown paint covers the pain
There's pointed hooves inside those shoes

They keep their faces hidden
Tied to traces
Who are they, really?
The smell reeks of sinister power

A painted grimace
A mocking menace
Looking into shadows
Grease paint, Gestapo

Who knows where they come from?
Who knows where they go?
When you see that tiny car coming
It's cruising so slow

I hide in the corner
Pulling back
I hope they'll go by
Without an attack

But they can smell your fear
When they get near
They can smell your fear

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I love how this turned out. Nancy's track was first, and it was all I heard when I added mine. Eric's vocals are a bit lower than normal, so something with the pitch, but it really works with these lyrics! These tapes are kinda fun that way. The guitar complements the keyboard nicely and adds a lot. Yay four track friends!!!