A Fool's Madness

A Fool's Madness

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Liner Notes: 

Just a quick write - I hope no one would describe me this way!


A fool’s madness
That’s my folly
Though some may say I’m sane

Carved from marble
A hardened statue
That you ‘d never claim

Should I intone
Make pronouncements
An oracle at Delphi?

Or a goddess
Aloof, remote
You’ll never catch my eye

I may step down
From my throne
My lofty pedestal of gold

Perhaps relent
Perchance I’ll thaw
No longer cruel and cold

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a very clever write using the words provided. I like the imagery of the marble statue.... The title is catchy.

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Very creative. These feel very singable and musical lyrics. The story of a cold person thawing is very good.

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Excellent job using the provided words to create a good lyric - and in an original direction that I like. Great skirmish!