Hawaiian Ghost Warriors

Hawaiian Ghost Warriors

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Hawaiian Ghost Warriors-Marthie Nel Hauptfleisch-Woman On Fire


Liner Notes: 

very happy ghosts but don't mess with them... because they are very happy.


Hawaiian Ghost Warriors
© 2020 Cindy Prince

If you travel at night where Hawaiian battles took place
Don't look any of the marchers in the face
They float a long without any legs
Sometimes all you will see is their heads

Along the trails you may hear some sounds
Drumming and many noises around
Blowing into conch shells so eerie at night
If you walk there you will have such a fright

Ghost warriors travel along
Seemingly floating on air
Ghost marchers beat and sing their songs
Go where they are if you dare
Go there some night if you dare

Drumbeats and conch blowing sounds

The ghosts expect you to bow to their will
If you do not you may be killed
Whatever you do do not look in their eyes
They'll take you with them into the skies

Repeat chorus

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Never mess with ghost warriors. Just sayin'. It won't turn out well.

A great spooky song that reminds me that Halloween isn't that far away. The addition of the occasional "Oooooo!" in the vocals is a lovely touch and makes this a perfect song to play to the local trick-or-treaters with the theatrics turned up to eleven!

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Ghosts can be happy and this is a pretty good fit. Can't be scary all the time. Thanks!

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It's like listening to a song on the radio, but it's still a demo. Great bridge, fine collab!