Pharoah of Brooklyn

Pharoah of Brooklyn

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Liner Notes: 

This took days to put together, not sure why. I was playing with lots of effects and synth sounds. The title is from the Titular tool. It sounds a bit pompous and majestic, so maybe it IS about the Pharoah of Brooklyn.

Edited to add: marked it a favorite just because it might be the best mix of this 50/90, ya know, from a geek engineering standpoint.



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Title does seem to fit the music. Very cool sound you've come up with, not quite like any music I know. Kind of a indie-prog rock thing.

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Gloriously BIG sound to this. I don't know what the title means, but as Alex says, it does seem to fit. This has distinct prog tendencies to it to my ears, so "pompous and majestic" are pretty much a requirement. The grungy breakdown around the one minute mark was unexpected, but works really well. And the guitar tones are glorious (so Paul's magic clearly survived its trip across the pond.) Hooray for e-Bow!

This is very much my sort of thing. You can tell, can't you?

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I like that bouncing-ball electronic drum! The guitar is wonderfully ethereal, and the heavy section is a nice contrast. Lovely proggy feel to this ... like closing your eyes on a sunny day.