October Sunshine

October Sunshine

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Liner Notes: 

quick write to lyric box.........holding firm to my not wanting off the couch so far today, its too damn hot, so pretty fitting prompt for me Biggrin


Why is it one hundred
In this near October sun
I thought summer
was supposed to be done

Don't want to get into
Climate Change,
That's larger debates
For different days

In my 40 years I've seen
its effects
In an oklahoma climate
that's always a wreck

If you can't admit
to changes afoot

Pull your head from your ass
maybe that will let
Some common sense
take to root

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Yup nicely said. The weather is so unpredictable. Dont get couch sore Smile

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Exactly! I live in a desert, and it's actually gotten COLDER here in my lifetime. I don't understand how people can't see it. UGH!
I like how you say you're not getting into, but you do anyways. Hahaha! I like the effects/wreck near-rhyme. It's nifty!

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Great take on the prompt, yes climate change is here, and today it was 95 here in KS. Good skirmish.

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Yes! Great commentary on an important problem! Wonderful details. Love the pointed lyrics.

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Hotoctober! lol

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Nice one, October lately always seems to have a few colder days as a tease then gets hot again.