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Liner Notes: 

Thank you Donna for a beautiful theme with so many variations. I've chosen a negative one. Oh well. Here goes. We all have regrets, Well, maybe not all of us... but I certainly do. So sharing my regrets in music. If anyone hears words, happy to sing please let me know. I'm always happy to collaborate on a new version. Thank you for listening and for sharing your thoughts. My music is open to suggestions. Maybe you don't hear regret/sadness, maybe my music is soothing/ thoughtful... Maybe it sounds totally different compare to what I thought. All thoughts are interesting.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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It is soothing and contemplative, and of course the title alone led me to dwell on some regrets, but most of mine are pretty tasty as I try to learn from them all, and there's been some whoppers Biggrin

Musically I think it works even sticking with the sad/regret theme....... nothing personally springs to mind I'd want to ever discuss openly in lyric form, but hopefully someone will, this is really beautiful, and I love the instrument choices!
Great skirmish!

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Certainly seems like regret. I like the sound its almost asian. Nice one.

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Those synths sound amazing. Like a cross between an electrfied harpsichord and Celtic harp.

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Ahhh, dear Nadia, this is beautiful! And I hear the regrets in the melody! But I also hear hope and resolve to go on! It is truly beautiful! Great work on the skirmish my friend!

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Very different from your piano pieces. The synths were so hypnotic and they did give the sense of regret.

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Interesting medieval sound, kind of like a lute piece. A contrast from your piano pieces, this is very nice too. Excellent skirmish!

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The synth patch you've chosen for this - not quite harp, not quite lute - gives the music a timeless quality; I can imagine this being played at courtly pageants hundreds of years ago, and yet at the same time it wouldn't be out of place in a chillout room at a nightclub. Not an easy trick to pull off. It's a really lovely piece of music.