Unexpected You

Unexpected You

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Liner Notes: 

I think the title was shown early, but as soon as I saw it I started writing. Done in about a half an hour or a few minutes more.


Something tells me you can't admit
that you've been doing me wrong
Maybe you have convinced yourself
With the lies you've told so long
And I can tell by your silent eyes
That the lines are being drawn

Now I'm asking myself again
Did you ever really care?
Lookin back, well, I'm not sure
If you were really there
It's no wonder you insisted
We were beyond repair

And you...
Unexpected you
And you...
Unexpected you

I look at a picture of us
Back on our second date
Looking back I should have know
That we were a mistake
Dwelling on the pain you caused
Is more than I can take

And you...
Unexpected you
And you...
Unexpected you

And all the time I spent on you can never be returned
I'm so tired of feeling like my heart is being burned

And you...
Unexpected you
And you...
Unexpected you

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The change at 1.17 is excellent. The chorus is very, very strong.

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Thats a clever little chorus, against the sad realisation of a living lie. Nice said and done!

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That is a great chorus! Some really great image filled lines in the verses too, especially loved the silent eyes/burned heart
great guitar/vocal too, really fits the vibe of this!

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Well, first off, I love the title/hook! Very unconventional and highly effective! Excellent chorus built on this phrase! I love this melody and the guitar and vocals are sweet! Your verses tell this sad story so very well! Great work on the skirmish!

tjeff's picture

Excellent melody and vocal. The descending melody is interesting, and I love the contrast that happens in the chorus. Good skirmish!

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool song, enjoyed listening to your take on the skirmish prompt. Love the contrasts.

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That chorus is so full of emotion - I love your vocal delivery of it - wonderful phrasing! The verses are so strong and relatable. You captured the feelings and questions that are ubiquitous when a relationship ends so well.