First Snow

First Snow

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Liner Notes: 

I'm doing sketches for my game project this weekend. Here's fifth one.

making of video:

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Gentle and delightful, like the first-fallen snow. Smile

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Oh, this is lovely. I feel like I'm watching the snow quietly fall over the whole town, getting a sense of beauty and awe, but also of trepidation at the coming of winter. I can easily picture this as music in a video game. Very evocative, excellent work!

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Very nicely done. Those insistent arpeggios add a sense of tension; there's the excitement of the first snow of winter, but also the realisation that the balmy days of summer are over and things are not going to be easy for the next few months. Beautifully played, too!

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This is really lovely. Makes me want to light a fire, grab a cup of coffee, and sit by a window.