Illusions of control

Illusions of control

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Liner Notes: 

Quick round for the Super Skirmish! Complete with kitchen noise in background, as I was multitasking a rough recording with cooking dinner...


It was always an illusion tht we knew what lay ahead
for there never was a real way to know.

We plan, we scheme, we pencil in,
as if we know what life might throw.

At the end of the day what will be will be
and no one has the power to say no.

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Doesnt have to be long to be interesting and make a point as this proves.

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Sweet acapella song. Powerful thought that we can plan whatever we like but no one knows what the road ahead will be like. Sometimes that's good.

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A beautiful round, reminds of the nuns singing in “The Sound of Music” - the middle 2 lines stand out lyrically and “pencil in” was a great way to describe the plans we make.