Wake up your wounds

Wake up your wounds

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Liner Notes: 

From the prompt "the road ahead"


Wake up.
Wake up your wounds.
Wake up your history.
Wake up where you've been.
It's tomorrow.
This is where we're going.
Just the next day.
That's all.

Don't forget who you've become
because you've come.
All those moments
exquisite pain
exquisite love
wake up the wounds
for there is medicine

The power is in the blood.
It always flows.
until it stops.
This is tomorrow.
Every action a blessing
a wish
for what's to come.
You are honored.
There is honor.
Don't forget that that's there.

You are loved.

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Very quirky song. I felt like I was listening to a meditation chant. You drew me in with the lyrics. Very relatable. Feels deep. Nice work.

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Its powerful in its crispness. The meter is demanding! Nice one!

Zeekle's picture

Brooding, and compelling to listen to. The dropping out and then reintroduction of the instruments is a wonderful tactic. The vocals intrigue and have a dark nuance to them. I could see this being in an art Nuovo kind of film. Great use of the prompt.

kahlo2013's picture

This has a wonderfully introspective and mesmerizing feel that is compelling and thought provoking. Wonderful take on the prompt!

Scubed's picture

This is exquisite! The opening bars conjured an image of moving slowly on a road towards mountains as the sun was rising behind me. The whispered poetry of the lyrics adds a mysterious, mystical vibe. Fantastic skirmishing!

tjeff's picture

Cool title! The fanfare intro reminds me of a church organ for some reason. The lyric and delivery remind me of a parent or grandparent providing loving advice. Excellent skirmish!

Marilisa's picture

I can almost see this with a slow solo contemporary dance routine. Really draws you in. Very nicely done.