Better Luck Next Year

Better Luck Next Year

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Liner Notes: 

Quick write for the Song Fight live(ish) fight tomorrow night. I did a video version with four versions of myself playing it live which will play as part of their Sunday night stream, this is the updated version where I re-recorded the vocals so that they didn't have scratchy guitars bleeding into them, and actually stopped the drums at the end of the song, etc.


I hope the next twelve months
can bring some positivity
cos the last few years
have knocked the optimism outta me
You say you want to sleep
and wake back up on January 1st
What if you open your eyes
to find that everything has got even worse?

I keep my chin up
and I won’t give in to fear
but I don’t think
we’ll have better luck next year
I clench my fists
try to make my worries disappear
but I’m not sure
we’ll have better luck next year

My life’s philosophy
has been to find the bright side
but everything’s so dark these days
it’s hard to find the right side
I’m not sure
what is on the cards
fuck this year for sure
but maybe also fuck next year twice as hard

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I love the juxtaposition of optimistic first lines followed by pessimistic second lines in the chorus. This sounds great, btw. I'm looking forward to the fight tomorrow night.

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I was very tempted to just leave a comment of "SAME" on this. This captures the zeitgeist perfectly and I agree with the sentiment one hundred percent. And yet the song is unashamedly peppy and upbeat (love that ending) that I find myself thinking, against my better nature, that maybe things won't turn out to be so bad when 2021 rolls around.

Yeah, right. Who am I kidding?

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YES. I couldn't agree with these lyrics any more, and they're set to a deliciously catchy indie rock track to boot. Excellent work!