You've Left

You've Left

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You've Left

Liner Notes: 

This song is about three people I met through uni, who have either left the course or left me; I was devastated from these losses.
The first verse is for my crush Melody, who did the Certificate IV in 2019 but left due to bad anxiety. She also had a boyfriend so she wasn't available. Later, I found out she had quit music and instead was doing business.
The second verse is for my ex Lydia. We were together for a month (an online relationship), but she left me due to bad mental health.
The third verse is for my friend Doug, who is mutual friends with them (and had been at uni since 2018). He dropped out of the 1st year of the Bachelor because he preferred working full-time instead of paying for a course and doing music he hates with people he doesn't get along with.

The demo was recorded on my Android phone. This demo recording is actually assembled from two takes; the majority is from the last take I recorded, but the third verse is taken from an earlier take.


I always thought your voice had a flair
But the road just leads to nowhere
I've not been the same since you've left
You're taken, and here I lie bereft

Now it seems you've left it all behind
You say you've got little motivation
I wish that I could change your mind
But I don't want to lose communication

Your love swings both ways
But now you've turned away
I miss when you'd shower me in your love
But your issues, you've had too much of

Now these days you don't talk to me
I'm hanging on to you, desperately
Can't believe you'd cut me off like this
I'm falling down into this abyss

When you quit the course, I was in shock
Oh man, it seems that the money talks
As far as uni goes, you're nonchalant
I can't stop you doing what you want

You'd rather not collaborate on music you hate
You feel you no longer need to carry the weight
Though it felt like the course could be a drag
Your absence is something that tends to nag

Now my sanity's been going under
Since the day we were torn asunder
Now you've faded out of view
Nothing is real without you

Don't leave me.

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The arrangement reminds me of Philip Glass's solo piano work, particularly in the introduction. The way the metre occasionally drops syllables is an interesting way to convey the isolation felt as people come and go in our lives. Lots of emotions in the vocals, too. A raw and powerful performance.