The Peach

The Peach

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Liner Notes: 

I honestly thought I was dry but it's superskirmish weekend, so I reckoned I owed it to myself to have one last blast.

There's a modulation transition at the end of the chorus that needs work, but it's a skirmish so that'll have to wait.


See the peach.
Imagining how soft and sweet it’s gonna be.
You so want to taste it. You’re frightened you’ll waste it.
So you watch and wait for the perfect second.

Touch the fuzz
With fingertips. Only lightly cos you’re bruisin’ it
Gauging the line between firmness and mush
So you show some restraint and wait for the perfect second.

Ideals exist only in the mind
Ideas made diamonds by obsession
Dwell too long and you will always find
Nothing real will ever match your perfection

So take a bite
No lingering. Do it tonight, and while you’re there
With those sticky fingers, give me a ring and we’ll
See where it goes, cos right now is the perfect second

Ideals exist only in the mind
Ideas made diamonds by obsession
Dwell too long and you will always find
Nothing real will ever match your perfection

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Oh how relatable. Really like the metaphor, so clever. Piano is wonderful. Great job for a quick write. Enjoyed listening to this.

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Really lovely internal rhyming scheme, and it is indeed a great metaphor for that perfect moment. And the piano works so well. Nice work!

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Oh I really love this! I love the sentiment and encouragement. It is both insightful and inspiring. The poetry is beautiful with the lovely metaphor and imagery. I love how it evokes all senses. Delicious. And your delivery is absolutely gorgeous. Love that melody and your vocals. And piano is great! A beautiful song in all respects!

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Deep yet relatable. Very poetic and the delivery is exactly right for this one.

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I like the way you use the peach as a metaphor ... I don't think it's been done before! Piano is lovely, as always, and the melody is as sweet as, well, a peach. Great!

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Beautiful, I love this! Wonderfully tactile and sensual metaphor, with clever in-rhymes and gorgeous piano as always.

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A real sensory delight - so engaging that my initial reaction is simply that my mouth is watering. But then there's all the imagery and metaphor to savour, too. "Ideas made diamonds by obsession" is a humdinger of a line.

And oh man, that piano sound. Glorious. Takes me back to the one in my Grandmother's front room in Lytham St. Anne's that I was allowed to play as a treat when I was six or seven. There's so much character in every single note.

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Thanks, Chris. And on the piano, weirdly it is my grandmother's piano and it's in my front room. It's a wonderful instrument and it's where I write virtually everything.