Dripping Down

Dripping Down

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Liner Notes: 

For a skirmish. Sorry, I hate this one. But I guess it's embodying some dark subject matter, so on point?

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its different but its good different - has a haunting feel. its a good skirmish

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Interesting soundscapes, there's a lot to take away from this. Good skirmish

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I enjoyed this one a lot! Nice and dark. Sounds like the end...of something! "The end is a choice" oooo yeah! Nice work on the skirmish. Thanks for joining in tonight!

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Oh nice take on the prompt here! I quite like it, maybe you will too later Smile yeah it's dark, but the end isn't always sunshine and roses, I think you nailed this! Great music accompaniment for this, I like lyric being spoken word too, basically a I don't give a fuck anymore enough to even sing vibe Biggrin I think it works great!

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The musical backdrop creates a sense of peaceful unease and uncertainty that is perfect for your spoken word. The words are a bit chilling in the subtle and matter of fact way that you lead us to accept the end. It is a perfect marriage of music with spoken word that is thought provoking and compelling . Well done!