Skirmish - ss092520E - This Song Is About Cats

Skirmish - ss092520E - This Song Is About Cats

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Liner Notes: 

This song is about cats.

I wanted to get a skirmish in, as I'm actually trying to make a push to get at least CLOSE to 50.
Never made a song about cats before.
Now I have.

And I actually made the time limit...well, I went over 4 minutes.

Ran out of time as I was making the end section, so didn't clean up stuff - was meaning to take one of the basses out and just have that staccato-y rhythmic-y one remain, but oh well! And yep, its my synthvox once again. Synthvox forever!!!
Very simple song with very simple stuff in it but whatever. It made me chuckle while making it, so its a winner as far as I'm concerned lol


This song is about

Ur purr purr purrty
up in this purr party!

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Hahahaha! This is a great response to the skirmish! And now you'll never have to say to yourself "I wonder what it would be like to write a song about cats" Just marvelous and fun. I'm downloading to share with my daughter tomorrow

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Oh man, this is great and fun! I want to dance around my apartment to this super loud. I hope you had fun making this!

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This is really cool. I like it. Makes me want to dance. Could picture a large screen with cat antics in accelerated motion.

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This did make me dance and laugh as well! so yeah winner in my book too! hahaha those vox are brilliantly fun! I'd keep the second bass! gives it a strange dissonance that works great with that scratchy sythy thing that's going on too that's a excellent touch. I hope you did have as much fun making this as I did listening.

purrty up in the party!!! yah!!!

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Excellent and happy feel! I'm bopping in my headphones, love the "meows" - fun song.

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This made me smile! A very fun and dance-able song. Nice work!