Show Us Your Cats

Show Us Your Cats

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Liner Notes: 

Well, that happened.


Show us your cats
© Sean McGaughey September 25, 2020 ss092520E
Fuc’nblues in C, ‘eh

The Web used to be so rude
Strangers requested pics in the nude.
With the lockdown it changed
Folks want wholesome not strange
So in endless zoom meetings be sure to include

A background from a movie scene
You adored when you were a teen.
But if you want all to admire
Then you should acquire
A furry, feline friend, to walk across the screen.

Show us your cats, your cats, your cats.
Be they thin kittens, or old and fat.
If you don’t have a moggy
Sub it in for a doggy
Pets improve Zoom, imagine that.

We no longer meet in the usual places,
But we can still see each other’s faces
And we can kinda hear
But it’s not very clear
But endless online meetings have their graces

Show us your cats, your cats, your cats.
Be they skinny kitties or holding a dead rat.
If you don’t have a moggy
Sub in with at doggy
Pets improve Zoom, imagine that.

Show us your cats, your cats, your cats.
Show us your cats, your cats, your cats.
Life ain’t so shitty
When you see your bosses kitty
So adjust that webcam and show us your cats.

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yup it seems its all political stuff or cats! spot on to current trends. a fun set of skirmishes as is this!

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I love the way you prime at the start so that we hear all the potentially risque (icky) connotations that the old-school internet might have been implying, while knowing that we really just want to see each others cute pets.

Great skirmish!

dzd's picture

This is great! and spot on with the ever shifting state of the internet now.

loved the last few lines about life and the bosses kitty Smile

unpronounceable's picture

OOO "One take is all it takes". <3. This is such a perfect song for current times and totally true. So good.

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I like how you capture so perfectly the feel, the atmosphere of these video calls and such. Me and couple friends play D&D online, and one has just gotten a new little pug...and it snores and makes all these cute sounds while we're trying to play. This makes me think of that.
I also can't help but picture Garfield ("old and fat") haha
The tune itself is a catchy one.

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Skinny kitties or holding dead rats and life ain't so shitty, when you see your bosses kitty. Lol Good fun tune. Clever

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Spot on "picture" of the social media pet landscape, very funny if not a bit tragic. My wife follows a bunch of those things, I try to avoid. You've put together some great rhymes that work well for your story.

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Yes, cats make things better (I grew up with 20+ cats). I just saw a PSA yesterday from the attorney general of Michigan and her cat was featured prominently. Fun song!