Interview with a Bandit

Interview with a Bandit

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I didn't go with cats for the prompt (thanks for saying other pets, I'm a little catted out after my 3 piece kitty epic Biggrin )

dzd: surprise skirmish collab, even though i haven't talked to the guy today, it was his idea and I bet if I ask nicely he'll add some bass or whatever he's in the mood for Wink hahah, it was his idea from another one of my doggie tracks, and I actually got this fairly separated and tracked, other than doggie/harmonica, one has to go with the other, but he was not feeling his diva self tonight and decided to sit down for an interview Biggrin so can always change the question to whatever/doggie band name to whatever.......I always feel the need for more than one take, but apparantly he can kill it anytime hahaha, it just seemed relevant from a discussion going elsewhere Biggrin


squeak squeak hooooowwwwwwwwwwww

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Hahahaha! Oh man, Bandit knows what's up, that sums it up for all of us indeed!

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I saw it the other place, and came over to if here, hahhh, good stuff! Lucky dog!

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yup hes on to it! the great howl - another fun one!

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Well done. The fuzzy guitar contrasts nicely with at caterwauling (or is that doggerel?).

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Oh man, this is freaking great. I LOVE that your dog is really in this track. My head is bopping along to the guitar as well. Love the way you rolled this out with your interview format.

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Lol This is great. I love it.

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Ok, this has unexpected charm. Its so silly that it made me actually chuckle. That dog is howlin'. Is it bad that I've heard singers that don't sound as good as this doggo?
I'd like to hear a dog's opinion on the name 'hot dogs'.

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Too funny, a dog interview! Great take on the skirmish. And I have to say that I totally agree with Bandit. Good stuff.

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Bandit speaks the truth!

What a great idea & great execution of the song. The guitar playing keeps things all tied together, but again: Bandit is the star of the song for sure!

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