You like me, don't you?

You like me, don't you?

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Liner Notes: 

This is the stuff I wish I was smooth enough to say to this girl I used to walk home back in high school.

I imagine a robot singing this while sitting on a rotating stool, with a huge 'knowing' smile on its face while its eye-brows do that up and down thing kinda like "how YOU doin'?"...with a home-shopping-channel like overlay advertising all of its greatest features. Of course, I put myself in the robot's shoes (do robots wear shoes?) instead and replace the smooth smile with a very awkward and kinda "too much" one, while sweating profusely under the bright stage lights of the 'ad'.
In the end, though...the recipient admits to the liking of me Smile


This is all for fun at this point as I actually felt like trying to hit 50...then I looked and saw I have more than half to go. Yeah...


Don't try to hide it
you like me don't you?
Your eyes are saying
way more than "maybe..."

Don't try to fight it
just help me love you
Your heart is aching
to love me baby

Oh you like me don't you?

I see you looking
Baby you're not sly
I see you peeping
out the corner of your eye

I know you feel it
I feel it, too
That's why I'm singing
this song to you

Oh you like me don't you?

How can you know if
ou never try?
Don't Isaac Hayes me
and 'Walk On By'

Oh, here is my hand
Put yours in mine
Baby don't worry
Its gonna be fine

Oh you like me don't you?

repeat 1st verse

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So catchy. As cool as the robot vox is I think this would be even sweeter with a human voice (but maybe that's just my bias being primarily a vocalist!).

I was also not smooth in high school. In fact, I think I got exactly 0 girls I went to high school with that I liked to actually go out with me but that's my fault, not theirs, I'm sure...

ANYWAY. The arrangement is bouncy in all the right ways and I love the style and feel of the song.

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I'm still awed by how you produce that robotic sound. I mean, it's way cool, man. I have to tell you - that Issac Hayes line ain't nothing but the truth, dude! Love it, love it, love it! The overall production is very attractive. It has a big arena feel to it...definitely Imagine Dragons bravado.

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i love it from the very start. thanks for the visuals in the liner notes... could really picture that. i like the solo over the repetitive chorus. has a great feel overall, really nice work - i was gently chair grooving

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A really modern feeling vox melody... combined with a retro backing track. I think I love it.

The solos are brilliant and it all blooms in a really cool way. There's a real arc to the music, which is hard to do. Kudos!

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Nice bouncy tune. BTW, thanks for turning me onto AlterEgo! I love what you do with the voice (Bones). Nice contrasts in the arrangement. Cool call and response with the lead synth.