Introverted Wishes

Introverted Wishes

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Liner Notes: 

part II superskirmish


Hiding inside myself
It's a scary place
But if I let those feelings out
Might wish away half of the human race.

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Nice whistling... Upbeat guitar with dark lyrics. I really like the vocals on this. Very cool

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Vocals are cool and so is the guitar.

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Fine little skirmish! Love the guitar and whistling!

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That's a great little lyric - packs a punch into four lines! The instrumental bit with the whistling works really well, too.

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Good production value as well as clear guitar work and clean vocals! I had a chuckle at the last line. Pretty suited for those who feel like myself that the true self is too scary to be shown to the real world. A message that gives me an impression of.... Maybe it ain't all that bad this mad brain of mine!!! Hahaha

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Ha - this reminds me of that Twilight Zone episode where the whole town is scared of Billy Mumy because he can just wish people away. Nicely done!

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Nice contrast with the music sound and lyrics going in different directions.