Here's to Beginnings

Here's to Beginnings

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Liner Notes: 

2nd skirmish - lyrics only - Despite all of the bad things we're exposed to in our world this is basically my attitude in it.


Here's to Beginnings

Here's to beginnings
Even if I don't know
Where the ship is sailing
Just as long as it goes

Here's to beginnings
On a course that's unknown
Assessing the voyage
Standing starboard alone

Optimistic waves carry with force
A maneuvering vessel, adjusting its course

Here's to beginnings
Leaving the past behind
Sailing on an ocean
What comes next undefined

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I like the image of a ship sailing on a journey to the unknown, and with optimistic waves carrying it along. Great take on the prompt!

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This is some really great short and concise start of a journey imagery!

I too really like that the waves were optimistic Biggrin That last verse wraps it up real nice!