True Story - (Nonet challenge)

True Story - (Nonet challenge)

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Liner Notes: 

I found the nonet challenge interesting, so I wrote this.
A spot on the wall where I had put a shelf up is the first thing my eyes looked at, so that's what I wrote about.
(Brown's Chicken in Chicago had excellent fried chicken gizzards and were a favorite as a kid.)


I put up a shelf and it fell down,
crashing hard along with my crown.
Fools rushed in, some in night gowns,
greasy gizzards from Brown's.
They called me a clown.
I made a frown
Then they drowned

Then they drowned
Then they drowned

Hee hee.
Ha ha.

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The synth voice is pretty interesting - it has the personality of a naive, unintentionally obnoxious human-robot hybrid, especially combined with the delirious lyrics. Hope your head's okay!

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Didn't anticipate an AAAAAAAA rhyme scheme in this challenge, but you showed just how well it could work. The lyrics are deliciously barmy, and I'm a sucker for the narrative voice, which makes me think of an AI that has been hard-wired to cheerfulness, but developed certain sociopathic tendancies. The sounds are exquisite in their otherworldly fizz. A very fun 3-and-a-half minutes.

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I'm grooved. I love it. You bring the bass in at 1:45 and I'm grooving. Your stuff always bring me intense joy right in the nasal, like I'm gonna cry and I'm ready to give it up and dance it off. Digged and dug!

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Oh, man. This is delightful and offbeat in the best way. Engaging and danceable, and I love that "hee hee, haha, oopsie, whoopsie" section at the end!

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Ah, NOW I recognise your singer! SHe lives with me too, but I haven't been brave enough to interact with her...this is a quite looney and enjoyable effort!

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Well, the accompaniment reminded me initially of Stop the Cavalry by Jona Lewie, but the vocals are decidedly more modern. I quite liked how the melody does that thing of leaning on the 9th note a lot in the first bit but then you really back off from that in the second half of the song. This song should really annoy me, i suppose, but it really doesn't at all, i really liked listening to it.

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As Mr W has already said, completing the challenge with an AAAAAAAAA rhyming structure is something else. Above and beyond the call of duty, for sure.

I love how this then decides to stretch its legs and just have a large amount of fun doing what it wants. That insane synth line is spectacularly good. And I really need to get to grips with Plogue's Alter Ego, which I still haven't touched, and vocaloid madness is clearly where all the cool kids are having their fun right now...

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This is so fun and catchy, I love it! The synthesized vocals sound awesome especially, what software is this? The voice has such a clear and bright tone, and it's a nice choice to add that extra bit of quirkiness to the track. A really great take on the nonet challenge - awesome job!

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Dude, this is epic. Love the squelch in the backing, love the little piano ding as you develop it, even love the autotune on the vocal line. Most of all I love the story. This is brilliant!