Lost My Job

Lost My Job

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Lost my job today,
What more can I say,
Am I that disposable,
All that they can fake,
Is good luck and turn away,
Isn’t there anything more,
then your statuary pay,
Wont go a long way,
To wiping away my troubles,
I cant see clearly
The road infront of me,
When there so many unknowns,

I lost my job today,
So many bill to pay,
Just want to run runaway,

Maybe today is bleak,
Tomorrows we’ll just see,
If the way looks any clearer,
I just pray this will be,
An opportunity,
To find a way to my dreams,
Ill push harder every day,
To find another way,
I can make it on my own,
This aint the end you see
Its just the start for me,
Ill be moving, moving on,

I lost my job today,
So many bill to pay,
Just want to run runaway,

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yup so for so many - and a hard place to be - nicely delivered

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this is moving, and very well done! sad situation (and if its you, hang in there!) and you have a great sense of melody and phrasing. well done!

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I like the immediacy of the lyrics in this song--really puts the listener in the shoes of the subject to experience what's running through their head in that moment.