The Privy Fairy's Lament

The Privy Fairy's Lament

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Liner Notes: 

My brother challenged me to write this one. Not sure if this is what he had in mind, but I went very traditional British.


The fairy festival has come
C: Fiddle dee die and fly to the loo
Pixies arrive to have their fun
C: Fiddle dee die dee do
Except of course that special one
Who's job it is to shovel dun
C: Hold your nose when you get close
Fiddle dee die dee do

Have you seen the little sprite
She frolics blithely day and night
But privy fairies mourn their lot
For they must clean the chamber pot

The pukka Puck is such a rake
His jests make all the fairies shake
But not so for the privy fae
They dig latrines with such dismay

The red cap comes to drink the wine
Please as punch and so sanguine
Has anyone seen Hedley Now
I think she's flown off to the loo

Do beware the dread Erlking
His voice is a soft and ghastly thing
He speaks of death where e'er he goes
But even he must plug his nose

Gossamer and Mustardseed
Are roaring drunk on apple mead
They think the whole thing time well spent
While privy fae scrub excrement

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ha, you captured the whole old-english folk thing, with a surprising twist... fun and what a crazy creative idea! (and the music and choice of instruments is perfect for this too!)

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Marry, 'tis a song fulsome well done! It's very good and very authentic sounding, it's not something I've every associated with fairies and that makes it all the more interesting. Is that a real harp you are playing? It sounds great.

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i like it, it could be a song in Horrible Histories, a mythical episode obvs!

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I had a momentary disconnect with this one, because that title is *exactly* the sort of thing that @Tim Fatchen would come up with - well, it'd probably have been the dunny fairy's lament, but still...

A splendid dose of scatological fun. The harp really ramps up the new age/folk/filk production values and makes this even funnier.

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Brilliant and hilarious and EXACTLY the sort of thing a brother would challenge you to write!

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very good, great fun and probably closer to many old english folk than we are used to hearing! It was originally full of basic, mundane, edgy, rude, sexual and obnoxious stuff! but the victorians burried most of it! Nice one