Knowing and Knowledge

Knowing and Knowledge

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Liner Notes: 

a cute little something, haven't worked with layering vocals in a while so hopefully a good palate cleanser writing wise!


If words were a secret gift
giving us eyes to see
and hands to touch what is right
wouldn't that be nice?

Come grow, Come grow, Come grow
Through the river of what you know, come

If words were a lonely place
Covered and bared
and none of it worth the trouble or the risk
just replace them with this

Come grow, Come grow, Come grow
Wade through the river of what you know, come

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OH wow. Love the layered vocals and harmonies! Very pretty arrangement.

Good lyrics too!

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More than a cute little something this is absolutely chillingly beautiful!

and yeah what metalfoot said too! amazing lyric as well. I hope your palate was thoroughly cleansed in that river of what you know Biggrin

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Oh, I love this! Beautiful, ethereal, and slightly playful. Gorgeous harmonies, especially on the the "come grow" sections. "If words were a lonely place" is a wonderful line.

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This is inspiring, and beautiful to listen to!