Progressive / Experimental Corpse Delta

Progressive / Experimental Corpse Delta

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Liner Notes: 

We hereby present Progressive / Experimental Corpse Delta for your delectation and delight. Those responsible:


and then @headfirstonly again, who also did the stitching (and added an organ introduction and ending, because why not?)

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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I like the organ intro/outro. And all the segments were quite good. Lots of variety, good grooves, interesting sounds. Some good guitar work, too. The transitions were very well done.

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Thanks for stitching this together, Chris. This was a first for me and so much fun! Came together well, if I do say so. Smile

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I only have phone to listen on now will have to come back, but wow did this turn out great even through this little crap speaker Biggrin great parts! masterful stitching Dr. Frankenstein! Andy's bit scared me a bit and I loved it! I'm used to only hearing mostly acoustic/vocal I think he got the brunt of that lightning strike hahah Biggrin

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The organ and also first and last segment by @headfirstonly give the whole piece a frame. I like how things evolve and sounds change. Good job everyone!

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Ha, that was a great trip listening, I loved following all the shifting energies. There's a couple really magical transitions in there

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Quite the journey, really great sounds in this and a nice listen!