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Liner Notes: 

After hearing the sad news that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died , and the infuriating news that the republicans were going to break their own hypocritical rule and try to ram a new Justice on the court five weeks before the election (despite refusing to do so nine months before the 2016 election when Obama nominated Garland), this started writing itself. I got busy with other things over the weekend so didn't finish or record for a bit.

Recording is all over-the-phone. Basic track thru music memos, which adds drums, then imported into iPhone garage band, where i added these two kind of weird string parts.

did a little more editing work in audacity, on the pc, and here ya go...


Ruth Bader Ginsburg on her deathbed did say
Don’t nominate a successor ‘till after Inauguration Day
When Scalia died it was February you’ll recall
But McConnell said “Obama, no dice, no hearing at all”

Scalia died nine months before the election in November
Now we’ve got five weeks, do they not remember?
We’ve got to vote these bastards out this fall
If we expect the rule of law to mean anything at all

© M. Skliar 2020

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Honest and this subject makes me so angry. You've cap that so well!

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Had to be written! I like the gravitas of the strings.