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Liner Notes: 

Yay! I really love the 2-hour skirmish! That extra hour really gives you an opportunity to add a wee bit of polish. I'm pretty happy with this one and, as always, amazed that it even exists since two hours ago I had no idea!


September 20, 2020

scatter brained people
asleep at the wheel
wandering in darkness
their sadness concealed
threading the needle
they strive to reveal
the meaning of life
as they kneel

when you can
no one
just close your eyes
and the world's in disguise
exactly like before you began

too many people
condemned to the wheel
clinging to sorrow
on life's battlefield
suffering, needful
search for something real
curl into lives
of ordeal

when you can
no one
just close your eyes
and the world's in disguise
exactly like before you began

give me hope
give me dope
give me just enough rope
for the end

when you can
no one
just close your eyes
and the world's in disguise
exactly like before you began

© 2020 John Staples

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These lyrics... Poignant AF. And set nicely. There's movement in the music, like a train almost, and yet there's not at the same time. This train apparently isn't going anywhere. Sounds about right.
Nicely done all over! Smile

cindyrella's picture

This is fantastic! So much truth with great lyrics and vocals!

mikehex's picture

Such a great take, this dichotomy of unawareness and release, of the isolation of sleep and its necessity for sanity. I also love the melodic hook of the chorus.

AndyGetch's picture

Very cool guitar and the lyric is spot on. Well done on the skirmish!

coolparadiso's picture

good lyric and this striped down style works well for you and particularly the topic! very good skirmish

Sunfire's picture

This is really good. Music, vocals, words and all! Great job!

corinne54's picture

Glad I supplied that extra hour for the skirmish, because you've written an excellent song, John.

Marilisa's picture

You should indeed be happy with it! Great lyrics and the vocals and playing are superb. It all works so well together. A keeper for sure!

dzd's picture

Yeah 2 hours very well spent here! I love that guitar with the reverby chunk chunk, someone said it, but yeah like a slow rolling train to nowhere....really great match for these lyrics. Great write there too! Definitely have been nearly asleep at the wheel on a long drive or two eh? hahah chorus is great!

also made me remember some study done somewhere, sometime about sleep deprived vs drunk driving........depending on how much of a drinker the people were, they had them in separate groups, the almost daily drinker group had no real issues above the legal limit......but anyway, I digress a whole the sleep deprived people were roughly twice as dangerous on the road.

Zeekle's picture

So good. That guitar is sublime. Your lyrics are so meaningful and thought provoking. The delivery of them alongside the guitar is phenomenal. That extra hour really paid off.

tjeff's picture

I love the way the acoustic guitar is recorded, and great playing as well. The vocal doubling is really cool too. A truly poignant lyric, and I especially like the chorus.

barbara's picture

Really effective track with just the chunky guitar and your voice. Yes, it has that endlessly rolling feeling of a train, except that the chorus breaks in a shines a little respite. I totally dig the notion of the world back in disguise. There’s a lot we sometimes don’t want to know about. Subtle but glorious enlargement of the chorus sound on the final time around! I felt it viscerally.

kahlo2013's picture

Wonderfully nuanced and poignant insights conveyed in the beautifully written lyric. That chorus has wonderful depth to it despite its superficial simplicity! The spare bridge is really powerful. As always, John, your delivery is perfect with the pacing and phrasing of your vocals which have such an honest heartfelt emotion to them. Your guitar is wonderful as well. Really awesome take on the skirmish prompt!

Roddy's picture

give me just enough rope
for the end

This is really strong writing. The 'sleep while you can' chorus is excellent. The lyrics are deep and thought provoking. A really good guitar and vocal performance too.

musicsongwriter's picture

Very cool song, memorable and I'd too say throught provoking. Grear job on lyrics, vocals, playing, demo. Sounds very polished. Very good skirmish.

Chip Withrow's picture

That is some really unique and cool guitar riffing, and your voice has soul and wisdom. A haunting, starkly beautiful song.

crisp1's picture

The whole thing is dark and cool and works so so well. A different sound, a great take on the need for respite from our travails, and a vocal with sympathy and gravitas at the same time. Really nice.