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Liner Notes: 

**After having received 12 comments - Thank you very much Smile

I see that perhaps I was not very clear in my lyrics - It's not so much that "I" am suffering from insomnia, but that I want to stay asleep and dream, because reality (right now) is just too terrible to endure.


I'm falling deep
I try to keep
Myself here
Wish I could disappear

I'm okay
It's all been a play
Open my eyes
To fear and lies

3 AM
I get up
4 AM
Have another cup
Of coffee
Wish I could
Shake this worry off me

Wrap me in your arms
Keep me from harm
Draws ever near

I'm wide awake
How much can I take
Daytime leads
To nightmare deeds

Beautiful landscapes
I crave
Can I escape
And be saved
From reality
Or will it engulf me

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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You've captured the difficulties of sleep very well. The delay on the vocals gives me the chills. The "scream" section is exactly what it's like for me some days. Sigh...

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Wow! Very effective and a little haunting! Good one

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Oh this feels just like 3am when you know you shouldn't be up, laid back groove yet full of anxiety.

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Dang Corinne, you really did something special with that extra hour! Thanks for that by the way! I really love the overall vibe on this one. It has a strong, off-kilter feel that describes fitful sleep perfectly! You are doing some amazing vocals in here too that remind me of Ann Wilson! Really awesome work on this!!!

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yup naled it! really good one. it has that haunting sleepy feel!

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You conveyed a build up to that desperation, a lashing out feeling toward the frustration, and the intervals in the melody gave it an extra dose of edgy, disquieted suffering, bordering on doom. Loved the acoustic piano combined with the electronic track which I noticed toward the end. Great piece!

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Woo, feel like I am physically inside this song! For a minute I kind of drifted on that slightly unreal edge. The vocal distortion and the percussion and everything just creates such an immersive atmosphere!

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Wow!! This is full of concentrated aggression. The vocal delivery is spot on, it twists and turns. The “scream” section sounds brilliant. Fantastic take on the prompt.

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oh wow! that first bass hit woke me right up hahaha that driving drum mixed with all the interplaying guitar/keys behind it are an absolutely perfect blend with these lyrics/vocal delivery. Really love the mix on this too.......of course I will always think guitar should be louder.......can it get loud enough? hahah never!!!! Wink , but the not quite straining to hear it but it just dancing in and out with those keys really add to the whole vibe of this. This is really great! yeah I think we all needed that extra hour even if I didn't want it hahah, I really didn't even look at the time until I had just about 10 minutes left, about as long as it took me to get it uploaded haha. I'm only about about halfway through everyones and they've all been really excellent so far.

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Cool groove, has an 80s new wave vibe, reminded me of the group Talk Talk that I occasionally listen to. The music is very effective at amplifying the lyric's description of insomnia. I like the delay effect on your vocal.

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Love! We both used the arm and harm! Your last two stanzas really stand out for me. I love how you convey the warm longing for sleep and the desperate feelings that come without sleep. Really effective. Awesome music as well.

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This is really good. The opening is great and then the piece develops in so many dark ways. The lyrics are very creative. The 'scream' vocal is sung brilliantly. The piano adds a lot and is used very skilfully.

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First, thanks again for hosting these skirmishes all these years!
The electronica has a dreamy vibe (intense dreams at times), and your vocal soulfully interprets the lyrics. Good one!

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Beautiful, hypnotic vibes, very interesting lyrics, music, instrumentation and vocals. It has some classical vibes. Loving your work. Thank you for your brilliant skirmish.