Ganja Blues (Bowl Me, Baby)

Ganja Blues (Bowl Me, Baby)

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Enjoyed singing this jaunty lyric of Phil's.


I used to know a guy
Who knew another guy
Who knew yet another guy still
Most times they'd reply
Bring a supply I could buy
Making it so much easier to chill

And in my leaner times
Some misdemeanor crimes
Less greener sometimes, oh my
I always saved the stems and seeds
You never know when you'll needs
The dregs to help get you by and by

Bowl me baby
Fire me up
This here bud's for me
Come right out front
And pass that blunt
And let's inhale wisely

So much easier now
Web checkout allows
Delivery right to my door
So when I run out
Without any doubt
I won't have to go to the store

Bowl me baby
Fire me up
This here bud's for me
Come right out front
And pass that blunt
And let's inhale wisely

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Very cool. Such a very sophisticated jazz piano and vocal. Nice chord progression.

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I love, love the atonal twists and turns on the vocals. This fits right into the the subgenre of stoner anthems. Well done. It bowled me over. See what I did there?

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Really lovely inhaled Lol

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The rhythm conveys both the precarious nature of the past situation and a certain nostalgia for the time when you relied on "knowing a guy who knows another guy..." A great take all around

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I did not see that coming with the music. I read the lyrics and was surprised and delighted by the jazz standard style. I also like what you did with the lyrics, sometimes sticking with a rhyme a little longer and fully eloping its potential.

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This is the best music around something I wrote I have ever heard. It has a sort of Blossom Dearie vibe going on. Thank you Nancy, this is beyond wonderful!

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Nancy, love those vocals. This is a fun listen - nice job both of you!

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ha! i love it!
the vocal has got that maria muldaur/bonnie raitt/phoebe show 'jazzy attitude' (jeez do i show my age with those names?)
and what a great subject! Smile

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What a lovely piece of jazz combo and singing! It's recognisably Nancy but wow! And the lyrics Phil are just so slick! And Smart!

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stoner jazz that sounds oh so sophisticated. i like the musing lyrics and the delivery and musical treatment is not one i would have expected but works a treat. i love the unlikeliness of this and was a very mellow first listen of the morning