Perfect Gravity

Perfect Gravity

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Liner Notes: 

I recorded the track a few days ago, but had to spend a lot of time figuring out what the song was about so I could do the lyric. It's a bit too cerebral, but it'll do


Last night I was ten years past, running fast
to what I desired but couldn’t hold
By my side, you lived through the dread, so you said,
of a future laid bare and cold

But at heart, all of our dreams are one, and have to be
though coming apart at the seams, they fall together with perfect gravity

Stars align for what’s meant to be, and if we’re free it’s only because we
choose what we must
All of time, a blink of the eye when we ask why we
risk so much on a moment of trust, or of lust

Still at heart, I cannot live for you, nor you for me
The moment I start to give, the stars collapse with perfect gravity

Every love exists in a void with a logic all of its own
the fragile balance can be destroyed when the slightest change is thrown
and the cause may never be known

Once I thought to ride the wind and I’d begin
with no fear with no care
Wings so wrought with wax and string, and everything
Try my hand, brave and unaware

Cause at heart, everyone wants to fly and not to see
the dream that you can’t deny, the shadow over what was once free
In your heart, the places kept so safe for you and me
soaring to such heights only to fall to earth with perfect gravity

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The changing, ".. at heart ... ---> ...with perfect gravity" refrains work really well. I love the contrast between the lead and rhythm guitars. Your vocal performance is just detached enough to add even more gravitas to the theme.

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The nice think about cerebral lyrics is they can reveal themselves gradually from repeated listens. The gist of the feeling is there from the music and many of the words. Poignant, and that guitar tone is great.