Last Call

Last Call

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Liner Notes: 

Sigh, didn't I write this song already? So out of ideas.

Anyway, this is about my birthday. Things like... you keep getting older and all things aren't possible anymore. So, think about what you want to do while you can.

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Love the title! And yeah, this is hecka relaxing. I love a good mellow piano piece. Just makes me happy inside. And Lord knows we need some happy these days. I like the bit at :40ish for some reason. It hits me just right.
Keep going! You can make it!

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Listening and imagining a pleasant fellow playing 88 keys in the corner while the completely-missing-out-drunken customers are wrapped up in their revelry and absorbed in their own stupor. Last I heard last call happens every night that the bars are open. I've managed to use the same title a couple of times except no one notices LOL. Good one!

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You have a lovely touch on the keys. Yes I know it's a vsti, but you infuse emotion into your playing.