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Liner Notes: 

Originally started this back in June of last year and it just sat with me never being satisfied with several things. Forgot about it.
August of this year, heard it again and decided to dust it off and re-approach it.
Cut a lot of stuff out, added some different piano bits, drums, rearranged a bunch of stuff. Out of all the changes, making it shorter seemed to be the best change.
Being a re-worked older song, I had decided I didn't wanna post it back in August. But now I don't care lol
The vocal samples in this one really grabbed me way back when I first found them. The way they sound but also what they were saying. It was significant for me back then, when I was exercising regularly, eating well, going out and doing stuff on my own and enjoying my own company, making a lot of music, and optimistic about various things.

Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


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First off, thanks for not caring anymore and posting this! hahah I shall turn you in promptly to the 50/90 police Biggrin

Those vocal samples are great! and layered so wonderfully, I was trying to take a headphone break, but had to grab them pretty quickly once I started hearing some panning and minutia of this I wanted to hear even better than my monitor can do unless super loud. That sparse and driving piano and those bongo fills, so sparse and so perfect. The mix in this too is phenomenal for my tastes......yeah I just loved everything about this one! other than maybe not so short unless you're tired of it? I had to listen 4 times hahaha, not a bad thing to feel like "have" to do that at all!

And still works even if not feeling so optimistic anymore at least for me..........this can go both ways Smile It's calming and soothing and has a happyish vibe, but could also just be taken as trying to see the glass half full? I dunno, just my take on it.
Great track!

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you are under arrest its the fun police here! Glad you put this up! really enjoyed it great sample - i just wanted a bit more!

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Wow ! Nice samples and the instrumental really complements them nicely Smile
Also, one of the best advice for anyone who feels a bit sad. Just gotta let it go

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Nifty laid-back groove, and I dig the melancholy tone, too. Soulful, and all kinds of interesting sounds. Good one!