You Told me Everything

You Told me Everything

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Liner Notes: 

It was time for some more guitar rock. Squier humbucker kinda jagmaster guitar and Hudsonics amp on the verse rhythm and all the leads. Telecaster through a Fender amp on the choruses.

Another one with music first. What's it about? It wasn't real clear at first. About a bad relationship in the past.

It's not that easy to get screaming feedback out of a 1-watt amp, actually.


You said we're all orphans in this world
lost in the shuffle, lost in the swirl
don't know where we came from
can't change what we've become

You told me everything
while saying nothing
now I know everything
but I still don't know
what to think

it doesn't matter what we found
as darkness fell all around
the last word we ever said
they still ring in my head

all of the secrets, all of the lies
all the times we said goodbye
all that wishful thinking
all those sinking feelings

if you showed up again
at my door
I would ask you
what for
what for
what for
what for

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That guitar tone is great with those thick chords, reminds me of Gang of Four quite a bit. Really gets the mood across, I think I would know what it was about even without the words. Love the modulation on the outro - powerful!

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This is really nice! I would of guessed an SG on that rhythm, but jagmasterish makes sense Smile One of my favorite guitars ever was a weird hybrid of things I'm sure there's been some fender issue of, basically a mustang with 2 humbuckers and a single with jazzmaster tremolo........ anyway.........had a real similar sawlike crunch to that rhythm I really loved. I too really liked that outro! I have a little 3watt amp I adore, haven't used any this 50/90 but that's my only complaint, it's hard to squeeze some good feedback out of....nice job here! Hudsonic is one of Dragondreams amps right? sounds really nice!

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The tones on this are great. I can certainly relate to a relationship that has flamed out (for whatever the reason). But here's the real deal for me: this song reminds me of those "discoveries" at Tower Records back in the day. I loved those moments. It's how I discovered Geggy Tah!

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I like the guitars in this one, too. You have a knack for making good guitar parts that aren't overly complicated but fit so perfectly. That Hudsonic is killer, but you knew that already. I like the melody on this song, that downward melody on the last line of the chorus is perfect. Okay, I'm officially requesting a 50/90 compilation cuz I'm digging this.

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love the guitars, especiallywhere they go on the verses. the sound reminds me of listenung to a live outdoor concert from a distance.

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Oh the beautiful guitars. That T'Watt has found a good home indeed. I love the contrast between crunchy rhythm and screamy leads. Your vocals drip with longing, regret, and relief. One hardly needs to listen to the words to know exactly what you are talking about. This is a keeper.