Holding On To Hope

Holding On To Hope

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Liner Notes: 

Weeks of bad news impacting family and friends and the ongoing uncertainty of COVID fall-out - from the rising illness and death to the changing social fabric and isolation - along with the human inequities and injustices that have traumatizing the hearts and souls of many and fueling political divisiveness have been taking their toll. It has made it harder for me to write or sleep or smile or love. I woke up with this chorus in my head and wrote verses thinking of those things above.

Holding on to hope is the mantra I am embracing!


Holding on to Hope

gray clouds move in
to corrupt her soul
with driving force
beyond her control
dark horizons
ahead unfold
but she clings
to hope
and won’t
say no

you can see
it in her eyes
her mask is
no disguise
she is scared...
she is strong...
she is holding on...
to hope

cold winds move in
that rattle his bones
chilling his heart
once soft is now stone
desperate thoughts
take root and grow
but he clings
to hope
on life’s
short road

you can see it
in his eyes
as his mask is
no disguise
he is scared
he is strong
he is holding on...
to hope

silence moves in
with deafening tone
as they spend days
now they’re all alone
sad feelings
emerge tears flow
but they cling
to hope
from long

you can see it
in their eyes
as their mask is
no disguise
they are scared
they are strong
they are holding on...
to hope

punches move in
blow after blow
hitting me hard
and too far below
sleepless nights
rock to and fro
but I cling
to hope
I can’t
let go

you can see it
in my eyes
as my mask is
no disguise
I am scared
I am strong
I am holding on...
to hope

we are scared
we are strong
we are holding on...
to hope

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This is so badly needed. It's hard to find hope these day but this made my heart swell!

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I agree whole-heartedly that we need hope, great mantra and title. Excellent lyric, you definitely re-charged my sense of hope.

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Very good lyric with a terrific chorus. Solid, as usual.

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great write, and we all need some hope these days!!