American Carnage, Part 2

American Carnage, Part 2

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Liner Notes: 

Wanted to try another song in AABA form, since I ended up liking my song from last Sunday's skirmish. This ended up being Part 2 because about three-quarters of the way through the song I had another idea and almost scrapped this lyric, but then decided maybe I have another song, so hopefully Part 1 will be forthcoming.


I truly hope I'm wrong
And that we all still belong
But the noise I'm hearing lately gives me no confidence
The bumper stickers show
Where the people want to go
Boggles my mind and makes no sense
Facts don't even matter
There is no keeping score
Coming to an agreement
Is impossible anymore
I'm afraid of
American Carnage
So afraid of
American Carnage

I dream I'm all alone
The mob is throwing stones
The violence sometimes wakes me up at night
Those marching with their guns
Can't be thinking of their sons
But they insist they know what's right
I hope they come to their senses
Before it gets too late
Calm their collective outrage
Don't dare to open that gate
Hope we avoid
American Carnage
Can we avoid
American Carnage

In the back of my mind
There lies a sliver of hope
That both sides will find
A way that we can cope
And come together

I wish we could awake
With a collective breath to take
And find out this was all just a dream
But I'm afraid it isn't so
And I want you all to know
The coming days look dark in the extreme
So be safe while you're out there
Do what you know is * right
Avoid the crazy nonsense
Do your best to avoid a fight
I'm afraid of
American Carnage
So afraid of
American Carnage

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I hope you can avoid American Carnage.
Sincerely, this Canadian.

Insightful lyrics and a catchy as heck tune and arrangement. Great song.

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I sincerely hope you aren't right but the outlook isn't promising, as you say here. I like the bit of hope in the bridge. Good song!

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i like this neo classical pop... nothing like a great melody with perfect harmonies. america is built on carnage and is unlikely to change its direction. the choice of a loose cannon (joey gallo) and a tightly run mob (capone) is not my idea of a demmocratic election, especally when the nominees were annoinced befre the primaries were half over. my solution? an interim government selected by popular vote from a large group of candidates runnning independnt from any party. then, when the pandemic is contained and a proper primary is possible, a legitimate election. i want trump out but i dont want biden in, euther would be a disaster, not only for the country, but for global stability.

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I liked the structure of your skirmish song. And I like it here as well. Another good melody. And the guitar solo is cool.

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nicely done- musically i like the beatles-ish chord structure (with those IV-major to minor changes in there) and the arrangement is sympathetic and warm.

Lyrically, you do indeed identify that there is a big divide right now. (I'd argue, however, that the side that was bellowing at their 2016 inaugaration about actual 'american carnage' and governing the last four years with callous indifference, disregard for truth, science, and appeals only to the base, thus causing more division, bears much more of the blame, of course, and that there's no 'both sides are equally bad/false equivalency' anymore ..but perhaps that's another song.. but i digress )