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Liner Notes: 

CTS sez: It is a great honor to work with @splittybooms. I've admired his musicianship and production prowess for quite some time. I had been curious as to how a collaboration would turn out between the two of us. Now I know...and so do you! So take in this jelly. I provided some vocal snippets of a song idea I had been working on and then provided a drum track for structure and guidance. And then this guy took it to another level. I certainly hope there can be more in the works down the line. A little bit of tongue-n-cheek about the club scene and not being the person any girl in the room wants to be bothered with. I've been on the receiving end of that scenario PLENTY of times in past life. Enjoy!


White ones, black ones, Latin and the Rican ones
Asian, Arabian and yes - American Indian

I really hate your style
(Because UR sexy, sexy)
U kinda drive me wild
(Because UR sexy, sexy)
U've got this kind of walk
(It's rather sexy, sexy)
It's hard 4 me 2 talk
(UR just 2 sexy, sexy)

Razzle dazzle, hot like lava flowing over
Burnin', crazy heat - I can't control myself
I don't want no part of what u're vibin' baby
Yet I can't get off on how 2 get it in

Eyes R watching U like I was a serial killah
Adrenaline flowin' through me as if I was in a thrillah
Now U know what's up and yes - I'm just 2 vexed 2 see
U've got me in a state where I hate that U're sexy

Sexy girl
Sexy girl
Oh,Oh sexy girl
Sexy girl
I hate that U're sexy

2020 The Jelly Factory!

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wow! this is one of those things where the production is just so perfect for the whole vibe of the lyric ... really amazing job, both of you!
this is a whole movie here, really! ticks off those buttons of whatever-genre-this-is called so expertly and entertainingly. great work!

one little tiny tiny mixing thought tho- there are a few little points where the vocal is just not loud enough ?(at least for these old ears, i like my vocal fairly up-front).

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Cool, terrific production.

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Love this! Bit of a 70s funk with 80s Prince and a more modern EDM/rap vibe. Danceable, for sure! Awesome collab!

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The R&B influence is strong in this one! Throw in a bit of club rap with some psychadelicious jelly and I absolutely loved this! great lyric great flow and production.........but man!!! that cacophony of synth really does set this off on a whole different level

Really excellent job you two! This was just well.....pretty damn amazing.

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I just want to thank @cts again for being willing to let me work on something of his. And thanks @mike skliar for the mixing issue, as I'm still quite green there. But I do try. Vocals are tricky for me.
I was very nervous doing this the whole time; and I admitted to cts that I was intimidated as well. Doing collabs is something that I am fearful of, because I've already convinced myself that I won't be able to live up to expectations and that I'd let my partner down. I had these feelings in spades here, but again, thanks to cts for being encouraging and reassuring.
In the end, I actually had a lot of fun.

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Very cool song and collaboration, very catchy, fun to listen to. You made a great team.

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Really great production from @splittybooms on this one! Fun, smooth, sexy--a great late-night dance jam.

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Big fun. Superb vocal performance and great production. Nice details going on with the laughter or purr snippets. This goes into the Prince's Lovesexy album region - which is very good in my book.

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Wow! The two of you together made such a great song! You both have such unique and wonderful styles and skills that I admire so much - and together you are magic! The groove and layers make such a wonderful backdrop for the smooth and sexy vibe of the vocals delivering those great lyrics! There is a lovely playfulness and a hot sexiness that shines through. Kudos!