God Hates Polk County

God Hates Polk County

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Liner Notes: 

ive been suffering from an acute lack of inspiration this year so my song output has been kinda bleh. anyway here’s the one song ive managed to write in like the last three weeks.


So cut me open i’ll let you in
I’ll let you know where to begin
i see these shadows forming
all around me

The moonrise, reflected in your eyes
It’s 1AM. The way the earth is positioned,
the moon is barely peering out from its hideaway beyond the horizon,
illuminating branches as it cautiously tiptoes out into the night.
It’s cold, not winter-cold but still,
our breath condenses like puffs of smoke as we talk in hushed tones.
You cry, but I’m so dead inside
it takes me a while to react.
I try to say something; you throw my words right back
I hold out my hand, but you push it away.
I’m watching you suffocate

No surprise, by morning you were gone
This town bored you all too quickly every time that you’d return.
I just sighed, tried to start my day
I hoped you were okay, simply traveling somewhere safe.
I’d call, but I know you wouldn’t answer.
And then I wouldn’t leave a message
and you’d never call me back.
Until you come back

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I love the energy of this, and the choice of sounds is really unusual, which i find quite engaging. I suppose you'd call it lofi. Even so, it would be a fascinating song to hear recorded "hifi" as well. As for the lyrics, quite interesting. they tell a story, but they mostly convey emotion. Your arrangement is quite interesting as well, sounds a bit haphazard, but fits the lyrics really well. Suspect this is designed o sound less together than it really is.