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Liner Notes: 

Does what it says on the tin. Quite literally.


The first line must have syllables nine
the next one – great – is down to eight
then just seven for the third
down to six: pick short words.
five comes next. Make sure
you drop to four.
Nearly done:
two, then

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This is great fun. It's just as word nerdy as it needs to be.

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We have our first meta-nonet. Great take on the challenge. Like the stretch of 'make sure you drop to four' over two lines.

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This is such a 50/90 song. It had to be done! If there were a nonets CD, this would be the lead-off track. Nice playing and singing, too.

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Clever writing, great idea to include the actual numbers for the syllables.

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Wonderful instructional song!

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Awesome - a nonet about writing nonets! If some kindly record label decides that publishing an album of these songs would be worth it (and it's a guaranteed commercial success, surely?) this is a shoe-in for the first track. We can play this to people to explain what on earth we're playing at. Biggrin

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I'm an instructional designer, and this is a great piece of instructional design.

I also appreciated the marriage of a line structure and a metric structure that really aren't each others' 'type'.

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A clever idea perfectly executed! This put a smile on my face, great job!

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Oh, wow. A nonet and I wasn't expecting it at all. And well done. I like that you're writing about what you're writing about.

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Yes! Love the playfulness of the lyric and the subtle way the delivery marks off the end of each line.

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Ha, brilliant! Has the feel of a children's song. Your rhyme scheme is just wonderful.

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I like the rhythm with the strumming but also the vocals, as they kind of wind the song down. The melody is catchy and definitely makes me want to hear it more as a focal point to a full track.