Coming Home

Coming Home

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Liner Notes: 

there’s a girl who dreams of bears
they follow her everywhere

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I like the time signature, gives it a very wandery feel. Some really cool imagery in there too! Nice work.

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How could I resist giving this a listen with that assortment of tags? (Narrator's voice: "He couldn't.")

As @Heid says, the 3/4 signature really helps this to roll along beautifully. That rising progression in the verses is a nice metaphor for the rise in anxiety (because those sound like classic anxiety dreams) that is then released by the descending lines of the chorus. The hook for me is that question of "When are you going to come home?" because that really sticks in the memory. Very cool song!

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Like that chord structure a lot, SRHL! Dreams are strange and interesting things. Enjoyable song.