On convenience foods of the past

On convenience foods of the past

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Liner Notes: 

Felt like doing something for the #nonet challenge. Didn't have a clue what I was going to writer. This happened.

(The dangers of songwriting while hungry)


Who’s that making gravy for my tea?
Thick, brown like it’s the seventies
And ice-cream scooped on my plate
Spuds that you rehydrate
For mash get smash, man
Pure memories
Ahhh, it’s the
Ghost of

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Do you think Grannies used to go to a special school that taught them how to make food virtually inedible like that? Because my Nana was exactly the same; the gravy and the ice-cream would often be served at the same temperature and I'm shuddering again just typing this...

Brilliant take on the nonet stucture; the declining number of syllables seems to invite a somber mood of introspection, if not outright decline. The piano picks up that mood and carries it perfectly.

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Surprisingly sentimental music for the subject matter - I don't know whether to laugh or cry! Some real moments of beauty, and disgust.

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The ghost of Gran! Nobody makes gravy and rehydrated potato flakes like that. Smile That was fun -- the dark of the music is perfect.

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ha good story, well told. great nonet - they are fun. i enjoyed doing one!

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I was struck by the structure of this one - most of the words dedicated to building very precise images of food, and fewer than 10 for the metaphysical reminiscence that gives the song its punch. Artfully done. I enjoyed the listen.

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this sounds like a procol harum collab with frank zappa. i love the develpment of the melody on the piano and cant get zappas voice out of my head when i hear all the food words going u and down the scale. i really liked this one,

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love the opening line. nice little bit of nostalgia over a simple and not really that appealing meal. nice take on the challenge

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Very clever. I've not seen the nonet form previously, or knew what it was; now, I'll have to look into it.

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Ha...that's a title for the ages. That's a very affecting little song. I'm trying not to parse the lyrics to much. Taken as a whole, the song gives me a melancholic feeling, more bitter than sweet, but lovely nonetheless

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Who can resist a title like that? I like the dark piano accompaniment and the beautiful mood. Lovely chords, as usual!

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Gravy for elevenses then?

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Glorious in its simplicity! Very evocative.

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I read the lyrics first and was expecting something more lighthearted, but I love where you've taken this. Beautiful arrangement, humorous, but darkly moving as well. Could be another entry in your ghost series!

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I'm all about rice from a box and soup from a can these days. Thanks for singing about my life. Smile

Great vocal on this, and I love that mood-setting piano. Lovely job!

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Wow, this is actually hitting me in an unexpected way. Makes me think of my grandma and her cooking...even though she never made me mashed potatos.
The tone you set with the piano and your voice work so well, I could've listened for another 3 minutes to this.

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And now I'm hungry. Actually it was my Grandpa who made the absolute best gravy, on fishing holidays in a 4- bed one-room shack, and that was in the '60s. I missed him a lot. This is very evocative.