The Prettiest Penguin in Antarctica

The Prettiest Penguin in Antarctica

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Liner Notes: 

Here's my musical interpretation of Stephen Wordsmith's lyrical style-swap with Kahlo 2013. All voices, regardless of gender and species, are mine. I played bass and keys and used drum loops from Looperman.


There's something bout
The way you wander
There's something in your
ice-cold stare
The mermaid with a bird brain
The bird that drives me insane
You glide on through this life
Without a care

To think of life
Without you in it
Would leave me, well
A Little Blue
I hope it don't sound shady
When I say 'you'll be my lady'
Cause I think that I could be your

You're the prettiest pengu'in Antarctica
One look, I fell flat on my butt
You're a true emp-er-ess
And you're dressed to impress
With your penguin suit perfectly cut
You're the gorgeousest gal on this glacier
Yes, you're one cool and beautiful bird
As you stepped on my floe
My heart beat out a 'whoa!'
'twas the sweetest beat I ever heard!

I know I'm thinking
Black and White, here
But next to you,
They're all the same
You strut this coldest latitude
With just the coolest attitude
This southern polar drift
A giddy game

I'll clear my head
In this clear air, now
With chinstrap high
I'll take the plunge
And, bold as any rebel
I'll leave you this one pebble
And headlong into wedded bliss
We'll lunge


With a plumper, softer belly
Than a Hoiho or Adelie
Your soft spots hit the soft spot in my heart
You're not all skinny-bony
Like a King or Macaroni
And I'd melt down like an icecap
If we ever were to part


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woooooahhhh~ ! what a fun mind-trip there! birds of a frozen feather! wild and entertaining !

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This is the kind of insane creativity (or creative insanity) that I signed up for in 5090. Had me smiling from start-to-finish. Practically a radio play with its dialoguing voices and sound effects, yet the groove is so palpably groovilicious.

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I adore this. So off the wall and cool. I love the sound effects, and the vocals are suuuuper trippy. Love it.

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This is so much quirky fun! Of course I loved Stephen’s lyric, and the music and vocals kick it up several more notches! Love the penguin sounds! Fantastic collab!!!

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You make a good man.. wait, that came out wrong. I love how 'out of the box' this is and how well it works. I gotta remember to try being a woman at some point... if I can pull it off as well as you have.

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"Courtship in Antarctica" - what the new BBC Penguin translator reveals...

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These beeps, boops, squawks, flaps, pecks and struts make me happy.