Autumn's Here for Me

Autumn's Here for Me

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish, prompt - Autumn. Had to start late but glad I was able to participate. AABA form, a song about getting older.


Autumn's Here for Me
And even though I'm getting older
There's still much more to see
Clear blue skies and rocky boulders
And waking up beside you
Fresh coffee to start the day
A nice long walk down by the park
Where our children used to play

Autumn's Here for Me
Sometimes I wish that I were younger
Would I live differently
Maybe chased a different hunger
But then I see the folly
In wishing the past away
And missing all those days and nights
A good life to portray

Seasons come, seasons go
Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
Each moment has a meaning
Be careful which way you're leaning

Autumn's Here for Me
And though I may not look to Winter
I sense reality
Feelings that will never splinter
Listen to the wind blow
While my body starts to fray
Continue on this human path
And cherish each and every day

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This has sort f nostalgic feeling... and I’m not just talking about the lyrics. There’s a wonderful quality to the music. It’s a little bit Broadway.

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I love the popular song format, especially when so well done as this. Present, past, future verse references and the bridge ties them all together so well.

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I have to say this is my fav of your styles vocally and musically and its a nice lyric to support it. A very good skirmish

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Excellent piano on this one. Applying the autumn theme to life's stages is a very moving idea and you executed it very well.

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Lovely piano, which fits the lyrics beautifully. I think this is the first metaphorical autumn we've had in this skirmish! Smile Very nicely reflective and nostalgic, looking forwards as well as backwards.

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Pretty piano ballad. Very enjoyable song. Autumn's range of meanings here work well.

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Very inspiring song. Your lyrics, music, singing and playing are very moving, sincere and beautiful. Very enjoyable and memorable listen. Amazing skirmish.

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Damn good, especially for a skirmish. This sounds just like a song that'd be in a musical, a movie. Like the muppets singing it in a scene. Only it feels less flippant than that. Maybe a real movie. But the vocals really feel honest and real.

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Of the two I heard from the more listen list, you have a definite feel, style. Great clean gone orchestration. I like the piano vs just generic keys.

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A beautiful paean to reminiscence. I feel nostalgic for times and places I've probably never been. The composition is brilliant; the artful arrangement and unashamed piano work make this sound like a song playing at a key moment in a popular film. A most enjoyable listen - and a very strong argument in favour of the skirmish as a songwriting tool!

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Inspiring lyric for those of us getting on a bit Wink Great work - and for a skirmish! Very engaging melody.