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Liner Notes: 

This song was born in a Jitsi room whilst @IA puttered around with this piano part and I flipped through my pile of lyrical starts and listened. We barely spoke actually. Hahaha! It was definitely an interesting way to collaborate. I highly recommend it.

Personally, this song feels like a companion piece to one I did with @tcelliott b/c I wrote both lyrics at the same time, They just flowed one into the other and out again. And they are the story of too many women in the world I think. <3


When you first touched me
You made perfect sense
But sooner than later
It was all pretense

I’d give myself to you
Without a single thought
I felt like I was
Something you’d bought

I used to know you better
But now I know better
Than to trust you

I learned to love your abuse
But you had no excuse
To treat me like that

But it was too late
There was too much cost
I was stuck in your bed
My blood mixed with frost

Covert chameleon
I just blended right in
Then one day it clicked
I’m more than skin

I’d try to catch myself and miss
Catch myself and miss
Oh I’d always miss

Tried not to give myself away
Give myself away
Oh I tried to run away

I’m done trying to please you
Done trying to fix you
And I’m done denying me
Done denying me

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This is a fabulous collaboration! The piano truly sets the mood. The vocals range from pensive to soaring. The lyrics cut deep. Wouldn't want to be that guy.

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Wow. Powerful and painful lyrics which match the piano part wonderfully.

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The piano is lovely. And that melody fits very nicely. I do like this lyric and I agree it is a companion piece to 'Never Forgotten' in a lot of ways. The piano vocal works very well as a setting for this one.