Where Are My Hooded Sweatshirts

Where Are My Hooded Sweatshirts

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Liner Notes: 

Sunday skirmish (write a song in an hour) prompt 'Autumn'.


Where Are My Hooded Sweatshirts
Shortcut capo 2nd fret

[A(G)] See friends posting about snow
[F#m7(Em7)] Wind chills and sweater weather
[A(G)] Trying to remember when it was cold
[C#m(Bm)] and where are my [Dm(Cm)] hooded sweatshirts

[E/G#(D/F#)] One more week of summer
Then so it begins what some call autumn
[G13(G/B)] Continuing 183 days of mostly bummers
Spending days and nights staying at home

Chorus (repeat twice)
[C#m(Bm)] Where are my [Dm(Cm)] hooded sweatshirts
[B/A(A)] My new stay at home uniform
[Dadd9(C)] An extra layer of defense
[A(G)] Against flim flam men and perfect storms

[A(G)] At the edge of Tropical Storm Sally
[F#m7(Em7)] I know this line makes the song too specific
[A(G)] Takes away climate change universality
[C#m(Bm)] Now not everyone can [Dm(Cm)] relate to it

[E/G#(D/F#)] Wildfires, hurricanes, and climate depressions
A red and yellow ex’s battle blue
[G13(G/B)] Hooded sweatshirts to the thrift store this songwriting session
Simply degenerates into a stew

Repeat chorus

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i love the stream-of consciousness approach to this- you capture a moment in time and space, and i like the effects on the recording too- and some nice use of minor chords in there! neat!

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A really good (and appropriate) question. I do like the way the end of the song seems to just melt into chaos, as does the search for winter clothes... great skirmish.

barbara's picture

I love that title/hook line. Tickled by the meta touches. I really liked the way things worked together at “Wildfires, hurricanes...”. The descending chords sounded especially nice there.

headfirstonly's picture

Brilliant take on the theme! And I'm grinning in recognition, because I dug all mine out of the wardrobe a couple of weeks ago because the temperature here has been dropping to 5C overnight - although we're due a last blast of summer over the next few days. Hoodies are my comfort wear for most of the year (and my FAWM one takes pride of place).

The metatextual elements are interesting. The spacey processing on the vocals add to the elevation of viewpoint, making this something other than straight reportage. Rather neat!

kahlo2013's picture

That last verse is really powerful and captures the urgency and importance of climate change for all of us in a very personal and intimate way. The hooded sweatshirt that bookends the song is used brilliantly.

katpiercemusic's picture

Extra layer of defense. That's a good descriptive line. Like comfort armor against all this insanity.

Roddy's picture

Very good writing and performing. The chord changes are great. The conversational vocal is really engaging.

metalfoot's picture

Yay for shortcut capos! I like the imagery throughout the lyric.

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Hoodies are literally THE BEST. It's the daily uniform for me