Autumn Colors

Autumn Colors

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Liner Notes: 

Autumn is only a week away!


Summer fled
As soon as September
Announced her arrival
Like a glowing ember

Gone are the sandals
Shorts, and hot haze
Our collars turned up
Against cooler days

Autumn Colors
To brighten our mood
Before frigid winter
Blows on through

Red, orange, yellow
Leaves of gold
Bedeck the trees
Clad against the cold

They rustle and whisper
“We’ll soon be gone
For now, let us dance
And sing our vibrant song”

“Autumn Colors
We’re here for you
Til it’s time to go
And our music is through”

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Very beautiful. I like the singable quality of your lyrics and I like the images of a "vibrant song" and "Til it’s time to go
And our music is through”

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What lovely and vivid lyrics! Just so beautiful!

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I like the very well defined image of summer leaving and autumn arriving and I especially like the rhythm in your verses.

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A vivid walk through summers surrender to the autumn colours and the cooling down of the days. I could imagine a very gentle piano playing under these lyrics.

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Sandals and cooler colors for the win!

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nicely done! really 'sings on the page'!

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I too am grateful for the leaves of Autumn! The colors, the rustling, the good mood associated with their splendor. I enjoyed the personified ending, too.

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Can see all the colours and changes before me as I read through! Very bright and alive. Smile

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I really love the personification of the leaves and what they say to us. Beautiful images and wonderful autumn sentiment.

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Yes all the changes a seasonal change makes! Although our seasons are changing a lot! They used to be like clovkwork. Nicely done this, paints the picture clearly.

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I love the title as I love the colors of Autumn as well. I'm pretty stubborn about giving up my sandals though lol! This is a very musical lyric and has great descriptive elements.

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This is a very well written set of lyrics. The images are very good and relate so well to the theme of autumn. I like the way you have included both the big seasonal changes re colours and the wind but also the everyday things of which clothes to wear.

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Lovely lyric, with a pleasantly rhythmic feel.