Forget Me Not Blue (Week 6 Challenge - Flowers)

Forget Me Not Blue (Week 6 Challenge - Flowers)

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Week 6 Challenge - Flowers - Thanks @nancyrost

I spent way too much time on this song - However, it's my favorite I've written this 5090 - Also features an appearance by my new melodica.


It's been a good long while
I wonder how you are
Are you well and having fun?
Still own that beat up car?

When you’re so far away
I try to picture you
Going about your day
And the things you do

Forget Me Not Blue
I’m thinking of you
Do you think of me too?
Forget Me Not, Forget Me Not Blue

Do I exist at all?
As a vague memory
Of the life you once knew
Am I a part of your reverie?

Troubles take one away
From the heart and mind
That’s the trick it plays
It can be so unkind

Forget Me Not Blue
It’s a less colorful view
Without you
Forget Me Not, Forget Me Not Blue

If I‘m honest with myself
I’d admit it’s true
That I’m beginning
To forget about you too

Forget Me Not Blue
I’m letting go of you
You’re just a pale hue
Forget Me Not Blue

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Oh how I love this! It honestly is Celtic gold! What a pleasure to listen to!

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A lovely lilt to this, and the minor/modal feel, and the melodica comes across very like a concertina, I'm surprised (!) I like the lyric, especially as we're about to inundated with forget me nots everywhere in our yard and garden, and it strikes me that we don't forget them when they fade because of all the seed capsules that stick in every part of our clothing. So perhaps the singer is better off just forgetting her Forget Me Not after all, rather than having constant irritation from the residue! But it's lovely fading-love lyric as well as a good play on the little pale blue flower.

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This is really wonderful- there's something about your chord choices, melodic conception and phrasing that is so richard-and-linda-thompson-esque, which is (for me) on of the highest compliments Smile Love that coda at the end where its just the vocal and guitar .. and that melodica is a great touch!

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I think all your efforts paid off. It all has such a lovely rhythm and cadence, the gentle lilting is a treat for the ears, the lyrical refrain has such music in it, and the melodica deserves an award for best supporting actor in this.