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Image of orange

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I hadn't written anything in a little bit, and felt a bit out of inspiration. Picked up an old nylon string "classical" guitar, and started playing a few chords, and this started to gradually appear. I was thinking of 'impending doom' - is the 'horrifying image of orange' the fires raging in California (which are turning the skies orange) , or is that orange trumpster fire in the white house, or is it a bit of both? I guess.. 'both' is the answer, and as a public service, i provide a bit of a possible way out of the doom in the last verse.

this was a fairly quick one, recorded on the iPhone using music memos (which can add its own drums, which you hear in this recording) with a little eq and compression and echo added in audacity. I'm not sure what i think of it!


A horrifying image of orange
That ball of fire is out of control
A force of nature, unstoppable and vast
Aiming right for our souls

It’s possible we set it in motion
With anger that raged like a river
Now all of us are sinking low
a verdict all but sealed and delivered

And when the reckoning comes at last
To a restless and impatient nation
Witnesses will not believe their eyes
To see the opposite of creation

There’s still a slim chance for diversion
A respite from the wrath of the fates
Repair to those booths, those sacred voting booths
To lift this sinking ship of state

(c) M. Skliar 2020

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Loved this! Nice to hear a take that actually takes some responsibility be it whichever dumpsterfire you want to point fingers at :D, I mean really, take your pick haha
I mean if we can so easily let whatever biased news is your poison or rage about anyone else's views, or some idiot who thinks he's in charge divide a country that easily, kinda getting what we deserved IMO Smile
I saw today, one of the major California fires was set by pyrotechnics from one of those dumbass gender reveal parties ffs..............sealed and delivered indeed
guitar/vox sounds great especially for phone!

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Smooth, really nice chords. The bridge is a skilful move away from the verse and the going back again - good work. The lyrics are a clever blend of environmental and political ideas that certainly make you think.

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Yeah, the layering of interpretation in the words is clever. I like that a lot. And I like the way the music has turned out too, sounds to me like it could have been jaunty if weren't so darned weary of all this, which is perfect for this sort of song IMO.

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yeah like the guitar! yes orange isnt great at the moment in anyway! nicely done

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This is great. I love the gentle swing on that guitar. I'm out here on the west coast. I definitely feel the horror aimed at my soul, in all the senses you refer to above. I like the subtlety of that opening verse, the way you allude to he who shall not be named. This is all so sweetly melodic despite the (possibly) grim message. I've been thinking a lot lately about how my ideas of Progress have been challenged recently. It's hard for me to imagine a future for my daughter that's better than the world I've known

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I like the jazzy feel of this, and the lyrics are spot on. Strong songwriting with a strong message.

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I like the descent from the first chord to the second, the way it immediately sets the tone. Sinking low like us and the sun. But it's pretty to listen to, too. Let's get diverting; I want to reclaim my favorite color.