Dystopian Sky

Dystopian Sky

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Liner Notes: 

As I prepared to take my dog for our morning walk today, I looked outside and it looked like the movie Total Recall. Just weird. Most of California is suffering around this as well. Go look at my FB Page to see for yourself. https://www.facebook.com/phylo/posts/10158722795178119 Anyway, when it's 50/90, you write about it. It's really the only thing that makes sense today.

Also, I don't know who I was taking to when I said "take 3". The door was closed.


Fearful first thing this morning
A dystopian sky looms above
Surely it must be a warning
To protect the things that I love

The darkness is a heavy blanket
Weighing me uncomfortably down
The elegy filled me 'til I sang it
A round for my world turned around

Into the haze
Can't see for days
The air is thickened with soot
We'll see how this plays
And how it surveys
And whether or not I withstood

I'll look out my window tomorrow
Will I see that the heavens are clear
Or remember of when I awoke to
A dystopian - atmosphere

Into the haze
Can't see for days
The air is thickened with soot
We'll see how this plays
And how it surveys
And whether or not we withstood

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I've been watching this through social media, incredible. You capture that wary, watchful sense of disaster really well. Appreciate hearing the perspective in song.

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Glad you can make something meaningful of a difficult situation. Stay safe!

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wow, this is powerful, and timely! crazy , what's happening. Funny enough I just posted a song kind of inspired by the same orange haze (tho I'm in NYC and only reading or seeing photos about the Calif stuff). this is a fine song about a sad and strange event. great acoustic playing, too, really nice atmosphere (no pun intended) in the recording!

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I really feel for my Californian friends right now, it's so awful what's happening there, and this song really conveys the feeling of - helplessness, I guess? The simple, strong, guitar chords are perfect for it.

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great title. Really good lyric and love the guitars. This exact time last year i was being evacuated here in Aus so i really get it! nice one

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That guitar picking is sweet! I love the way this rolls along, and that chorus is great. Things are pretty grim up here in Oregon as well. I hope we heed these warnings, but I'm getting increasingly pessimistic about our willingness to tackle the climate crisis

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those pictures certainly are creepy. my friends in seattle report a sooty sky as well, but nothing as dystopian as this. i remember flying into los angeles in the late seveties and descending through orange skies. but this is different, and you capture the anxiety felt by those who see this orange tint that is not only in the sky above, but all around you.