The Farthest Star

The Farthest Star

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Liner Notes: 

Synths, Guitar, Slide Guitar

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Slide guitar? It all has such an ethereal nature--I wouldn't have immediately pegged it as a slide song. Whatever you're doing, it sounds pretty damned cool, so atmospheric, with the cool percussion hammering through all the atmosphere. comes the slide. Super cool...back for another listen

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This evokes Bowie, very sparkly and dark at the same time. That beat is great and the slide guitar adds a really cool indie vibe. I like this a lot.

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The slide gives a very spaced-out (sorry) feel to this. And I definitely like the subtle time shifts going on.

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I love slide guitars. The guitar blends well with the synth sounds, it's seamless.

I wish you had posted the vocals, it's easier to follow that way.

Many things come back to me, years later, it's human nature. I picture two people looking at the sky and remembering the conversation years later? I like that image, but of course I have no idea what you were thinking of.

I like the slide guitar later, near the end, where it's more exposed. Cool tune. I like the video game/sparkly/stardust sounds at the end.

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Really gorgeous track ... and a unique use of slide guitar, which I always associate with blues. Ethereal and lovely!